Saturday, August 24, 2013


Turn spilt paint into art
One would consider that spill paint can be a nuisance when painting , it sure is but using the right chemical to clean it makes it quite simple.
It is  so funny but did you know that spoil  paint has now become a form of decorating  The videos below are quite enlightening
take a look but pay special attention to this one  isn't  it  exciting.

Preparing the wall for painting
Remove old flaky paint and fill out all cracks and holes with putty or filler first. Allow to dry then sand smooth. If  wall is dirty wash and dry before adding paint. Move all the furnishing to the centre and cover before you start to paint.Cover floor with old sheets or plastic. Have on hand a piece of cloth and fine sand paper to rub and wipe rough areas,
 Rollers will help you to go faster on wide areas. Get a good brush to do corners.

Painting ceiling
Painting ceilings
A roller does this  better use brush only for corners. Remember to hold rollers away from you. Never allow it to pass over your head and never stand directly under it.You will get paint drops in your hair.Do not forget to cover your head when painting over head.
 When you dip your brush into the paint ensure that you remove any excess paint before removing the brush from the can.
When painting ceilings or high on a wall the paint tends to run down the brush onto the handle and onto your hand or down your arm, to avoid this is easy. Wrap a damp cloth around the brush handle and it will catch the paint before it gets to you.

.Please do remember to make sure you do not get careless when dealing with heights. Always see that house and individual insurance are up to date just in case the unexpected happen.

Painter\s tape
How to do Professional paint
Always use painters tape to get a professional look when painting areas where two paints meet or where you do not want to paint to over lap. Use a  putty knife to set the tape to prevent paint from seeping under the tape. Allow paint to set and remove gently before paint is fully dried.

Protect your car

 When painting at home sometimes we get careless and forget to cover the car properly.If you have had the experience you would not forget this as it could get you into an expense you did not bargain for and car insurances do not want to  find pleasure in honoring these compensations you may ever have to hire a lawyer

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