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Decorating ideas and tips Thank you for dropping by. We offer help in
designing  and construction  and you spend some time to look at the services we offer
what we offer.
We are in the business of decorating.We give information and ideas o
n how to employ the elements and principles of design to your interior decorating project. 

Most of all we offer you some easy lessons on drapeand valance
In the near future you can look forward to see more advanced lessons on drapes and on the making of bed linen such as spread, comforters and small items like throw pillow and cushions of all types.
Here on this site we offer some of the basics on how to mix and match colours and how to utilize the theory of colour to enhance your decorating projects. 

Read this blog for decorating tips. and
ideas and post in our comments areas  and ask
any question about drape making we will be happy to help.
Why not invest in our drapery making course you will not regret it. it will teach you from scratch,how to measure a window to how to calculate cut and build the most intricate of window treatment.
Drape making is one of the most lucrative business and a good way of saving money in your pocket.
Learn the professional step by step instructions on how to make the simplest or the most complicated
window treatment

If you do not have the time to bother to make your own custom drapes then if we are in your location you
may ask for our help, or you may Check out our
decorators shop .We hope to have lots of fun on this site
as you w
iden your knowledge base. Just keep on coming back for new updates and ideas for your interior
decorating project

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