Tuesday, July 23, 2013


 Warm colours

These are associated with hot, sunny day, and warm fire. Warm colours will brightening up a dull drab  room  Red, yellow
and orange are very strong in their natural state. Because warm colours are very dominant and too much tends to irritate
They should be used as accents. Tints of these colours are best used as they are more cheerful and softening. Some of the tints
of these colours are soft yellow, pinks, peaches

 Cool colors

These colours are associated with sea, water and, ice. They are, green, blue and purple and are used to create
calm, cool atmospheres. a variety of blues can be used to achieved this. Cool colours recede into a distance so they will make
as small room looks larger. They should never be used in a room facing north as they will make the room appear even colder. Mix them all and you get a great effec
t.it is like good trading compensation

The Theory Of Colour

Colour and decorating

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