Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Traditional floors can add wonder to home decorating.
Hardwood floors are very traditional. Wood floors are known for their durability. Oak, cherry, and  mahogany offer a traditional look for the entire house. In most cases the floor is meant to go unnoticed but if looking for excitement in a wood floor then consider an oriental rug.

A good starting point when thinking of a design for an oriental rug  is to use some of the senses like look, touch and feel elements. There is a wide range of colours, plains and pattern in these kind of rugs. It is essential that neutral .Bright or dark flooring .Neutral or lighter colours tend to open up a room ,bare flooring tends to anchor or immediately attract the eyes giving a bold statement to a room. 

A wide range of fibers are used on floor rugs nylon for example is the world’s leading carpet fiber as is used extensively because of it durability, softness and stain resistance. In New Zealand the fiber is often overlooked because of the availability of wool.

Texture is also important.there is a variety of textures such as smooth, rough, soft, hardy, shiny or matt. The purpose for which the room will serve must be carefully considered before deciding on the floor to use. One must decide if the wood surface needs hardening, should if be used with insulation ,stain resistant and comfortable.

 Because carpets cover so much living space they form the foundation of a room’s décor. They can be neutral or blend with other surfaces and fabrics that will uniquely reflect the styles of the owner.
Floors can form be used as a backdrop or the main feature.
 Some types of floors. Amtico, Ceramic floors, Victorian ceramic, neutral stone, polished porcelain, natural state, natural lime stone.
What ever your choose make sure they are lasting and durable to some degree as the process of recovery and rehab some floors can take a big tool on finances and may send you  into credit and loans arrangement


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