Monday, September 23, 2013


Lines are found in both natural and man-made environment. The home your are planning to brighten is built on the premise of lines. Horizontal, vertical, oblique they can be easily identified where walls meet, on roofs in the formation of windows, in the shape of furniture, look for them you will find them.

When planning the
interior decoration you may utilize lines by using lined fabric, carpets, wall paper and tiles. You can make use of art novae in your wall paper or in the art work you hang on your walls or your centre piece. A line is seen as a path traced ,may be circular, free form ,zigzag horizontal or vertical, we use them on borders of base boards on the border of the bath room tile .We paint them to break up large spaces or to identify specific areas in a large room.

When you use a tall standing lamp in your home you are working on the premise of tall vertical line that add the illusion of height to a room compare to using a
table lamp that is actual adding the illusion of width .putting tall objects like a standing lamp caters to the vertical and upright and can make an individual feel at home for humans are vertical beings it gives the feeling of company.

If you have done all you can do to a room but find it hard to get the desired effect of say tranquility hang a
painting but get it on the horizontal line say a landscape. Horizontal line denotes peace. If you go to a shop looking for a painting for a room that you want to feel peaceful and there are two copies of the same image that you love and one is landscape and the other portrait, choose the landscape for landscape is horizontal which denotes peacefulness.

Lines carry energy some more powerful than some. Plants like such as palms are definite and strong; Use the straight upright plants where you want to dictate dignity and seriousness. There are also weak lines like that of a weeping willow, use them when you want to soften up a hard area. So depending on the effect you want, do not hesitate to bring your plants indoors.

With the advent of LED lights you need not worry about their health give them plant food and flood them with these LED plant lights.
Lines in furniture can give the feeling of luxury introduce some art nouveau into your décor these free flowing feminine lines in furnishing will greatly improve the feel and look of your home.


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