Monday, September 23, 2013


Always remember for a house to be seen as truly welcoming the décor must incorporate texture in the remodeling and decorating  process. Texture means surface quality which can be as expected natural or man-made. Something can look as smooth as silk or as rough as the jagged edges of a broken rock.

Natural texture can be water, the beach, the corn field, etc. Your paintings ,your carpets, upholstery can all incorporating various textured effects. To understand texture you have to have experienced touch you will not understand rough until you have experience rough. After experiencing this you may associate it with seeing, so you may be able to remember how a rough surface should look and feel.
 You can incorporate texture in the bed linen, the drapes, the carpet and kitchen and bath. Wall paper can play an important part in introducing various textures .Many textures are tactile the ones that you feel through touch , but some are experienced but not touched and are referred to as non tactile.

Your wall paper and linoleum floor cover are non tactile they appeared textured but when touched they are really smooth. Some painting is non tactile such as Durer and Van Eyck look textured but are really smooth, flat surfaces. Different textures are seen in cut glass in table lamps, cobble stones on the patio, woven linen fabric on your chairs, and wicker on your dining chairs.


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