Tuesday, July 23, 2013


You can learn to make your own drape and valance without going to a college ,online courses are one of the easiest ways to go
There are window treatment that can greatly enhance a window. They run across the tops of windows and usually are approximately 15 inches  at the highest point and can end at any point below and can be shapes in whatever style curved , squared ,triangular and can cascade at the side to whatever length you wished.

The rod pocket valances are window treatment that are hang by putting the valance on rods. These rods could be squared or round. They can be any size one wishes. And one valance can have as many rods as one wishes dependent on the effect that one which to project. Below are some simple rod pocket samples .Even a beginner  can look and them and create them.
You will also notice that fabric has a lot to do with the finished results.Using these can greatly enhance a very dull and unpleasant looking room.
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