Monday, September 23, 2013


Pattern and shape
As you make plans to brighten your home, wall paper carpets drapes, spreads, floor tiles and bathroom tiles will come into play like attending a conference. If you understand a little of the dynamics of pattern and shapes you will invariable do a better job of decorating or you will have a more educated input when choosing material.
Pattern is when groups of related shapes and lines are united .Shape can be abstract and does not have to look like any identifiable object. When you have decided on a pattern let’s say fabric for drapes, it must have some relationship to the other decoration let‘s say the carpet. Chair or pick up something from the wall it must not stand in complete isolation.
Natural pattern are sometimes good choices. You may wish to use leaves, trees, flowers ,clouds, sky, sea, stones or even animals, they must show some coordination. Proper implementation and use of the above will make you home feel as if nature has stepped in.

You may decide that you prefer to use man-made patterns in your décor, such as bricks, around a fire place, patch work for your spread, using different types of pattern to create a special effect. Pattern using floral can make a room look busy or over crowded so use them in moderation.

Applied pattern can give a great and inexpensive look this can only be use solely  on flat surfaces such as walls. Most pattern are really a repetition of one are two styles and one must be careful especially when a surface breaks or a fabric is joined that the repetition is continued and that the rhythm is not broken for it will make the décor look unprofessional.
Pattern in a room can make it light or serious make it look bigger or smaller. Pattern can be straight line or curved lines to form hover ever pattern is usually a repeated effect. For example the pattern of your dining room chairs can be repeated many times as you wish this actually repeating the shape of the chair over and over.


Proper use Of lines
  And Start Making Your Own Holiday Drapes

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