Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Form and Space
A form is said to be a shape that looks three dimensional or is 3 three dimensional usually referred to many as 3D.This is usually associate with sculpture and  futuristic architecture but also has its place in interior decorating. It is sometimes use to refer to natural landscape. Thought form is believed by many to have a regular and balanced it is much better referred to as formless because can take on the shape of anything.

Space and form go hand in hand, space is perceived as the distance between people, place and objects.
You may wonder what do these two have to do with decorating a home you can understand them being used in architecture and art.

The furnishings you choose for an area are usually three dimensional. Every decorator decides on the type of pieces to utilize within a specific area. Space deals with how they are arranged, how far each pieces will be place in relationship to the other? .How wide or how narrow trafficking area will be. Will individuals bump in to each other as they move about?

The decorator must consider the best location for corners let’s say in a living room with the persons in one conversation area disturb those looking at the television. Do arrange furnishing that there is breathing space and what is called personal space.

A few years I had the occasion to visit a home. I was so uncomfortable I felt that I had walked in to furniture storage. I scarcely could find space to set my legs after finding a seat. To make matters worse the whole place was over flowing with artificial flowers. There was basically two or three of everything for a living and a dining room.

I say all this to say that furniture is basically 3D and occupy space so always measure or study the available space you have before purchasing furniture. Do not purchase over sized furniture because you love it or can afford it to put in a small room. People and also the room should breathe; always remember that in home furnishing less is better than too much.



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