Monday, September 23, 2013


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 Guidelines To Perfect Decorating

I know you are thinking that this decorating thing is a bit too much for me and  I simple do not know  where or how to begin. There is no need to worry just  think of the desired effect you want to to  create. then use this simple chart below to help you.

 Consider the purpose of the  room, the gender you are catering for, the age and the individuals' like and dislike then use this chart below to help you 

.If you follow these solution then you have  uncovered the  best VOIP SOLUTION in this drape making business

 Easy Drapery Making Lessons

Result  you wish  to get
Suggested Colours
Fabric and Texture
Suggested Items to sew
Traditional , Classic
Reliable colours ,green ,
White and burgundy
Timeless fabric, antiques, satins Jacquards, matelasse linen, velvets,
 Pinched pleated drapes, hour glass curtains, swags, and jabots, boxed pleat cushions.
Elegant ,special or refined
Refined colours mauve, taupe, metallic ,ecru, gold
Shiny fabrics or fabrics wish sheen, silk , fine cotton ,antique, satins, moires, rayon
Mitered pillows, swags, and Jabots, Austrian valances , rosettes
Natural tones, beige gray, ivory ,cream
Textured or smooth fabric, simple designs solids, casements
Reverse roll shades, tent flap curtains, padded cornice piped duvet covers, wilted pillows, vertical blinds with inserts.
Comfortable ,casual
Autumn  colours, rust, tan, gold
Smooth, light textured finishes, no scratchy finishes; polished cottons, chintz es, warp sateen, casements.
Turkish floor cushions, cloud valances, welted pillows,
Fresh colours, pastels, pinks, blue, green peach. ivory
Fabric that encourages touching, silks, polished cottons, sateen, floral, water-colour prints, laces eyelet borders.
Pouf valances, ruffle duvet, covers, padded head board, duvet covers from sheets, tie back shower curtains, rosettes
Cozy restful
Soft to medium shades,
Blue, mauve, green
Softly padded or quilted fabrics, inviting prints, cotton sheeting, wrap sateen,
Duvet covers, tucked pleated shams, and dust skirts, day bed covers, padded head boards.
Bright ,clear colours, pink, yellow, blue, green, orange
Bold floral and stripes,
Fabrics with contrasting colour, decorators cotton print, warp sateen
Tent flap curtain, cloud valance, reverse sham, bed covers, shower curtains, fabric screen
Multi-colours, medium shade, red, blue, orange
Washable or stain resistant fabric, overall prints, sheeting, cotton blends.
Pinched pleated draperies,, hour glass curtains, vertical blind with fabric inserts, fabric screens.
Tailored Masculine
Earth tones , rich colours, rust, brown, intense blue and green
Geometric shapes, plaids,upholstery,tapestries
Mitered pillow, flange sham, reverse rolled up shades tent, flap, curtains, box cushions
Conservative, clean , neat,tidy, crips
Light colours, warm tones, mauve, peach ecru, maize,
Fabric with woven design, nubby texture,, allover prints, casement, shirr, linen
Pinch pleats draperies,
Hour glass curtains, padded cornices, reverse sham, bed covers

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